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Hi I found some star notes and having issues finding out if they are worth anything and if so what and where do I take them. Any info would be greatly appreciated I’m just swimming in a lot of bad info here so trying to find someone who can help


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Hello and welcome to the Forum,

In general modern star notes are usually not worth much more than face value unless they came from a short print run or there is something else unusual about the note. Your note appears to have come from a very large run of 3,200,000 star notes, it is in circulated condition and does not have a fancy serial number. Based on that I'd say it has a value of around $2, maybe, definitely a keeper for an album if you collect. (thumbsu

My Currency Collection is not a bad site to checkout for these. Star Note Lookup | My Currency Collection 

Or you could always go direct to the BEP for recent production numbers. U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Monthly Production Reports (

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