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I just started my collection with a purchase of several (over 20) 1976 $2 stamped notes from 3-4 different towns in Virgini1859958900_19762Stampeduncirculated.thumb.jpg.b8cab07cd700da98aff49f2bbb7ff864.jpga, and several $2 Texas bills with certificate of authenticity, several $2 red seal notes, several $5 & $20 notes (not sure why the person saved these, perhaps they have errors I am unaware of).  I also have purchased a 1990 $50 error note with ink bleed through, a 1957A $1 silver certificate with repeater serial number, 1995 $1 Radar bill.  

I joined the PMG and would like to get some of the bills graded.  I know all of the $2 stamped notes are in uncirculated condition along with the $2 Texas bills and the $1 Radar bill.

If anyone can help me with where to sell these...I see so many bills for sale on etsy/ebay and I just think the competition is too high there.  And I live in San Diego, do you know of any place I can take them to sell.

Thanks everyone!!!


$2 Texas note.jpg

1990 $50 Error note.jpg

$1 Silver Cert Repeater.jpg

1995 $1 Radar.jpg

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Welcome to the Forum.

The $2 notes are novelty items and are not worth grading in my opinion, at best I would think they are only worth face value or slightly more. The $50 with ink blead through, I think you're talking about THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above grant, I would lean towards calling that heavy embossing but I could change my mind if you post a pic of the back. In either case I don't think it would bring much of a premium. The $1 radar is nice and is typically worth under $50 at that grade. The silver certificate is not a repeater serial number, I think, as to my knowledge the entire serial number must repeat and the last two digits, "88", do not repeat with the first six digits, 528528. Sorry, not trying to rain on your parade.

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