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repeater serial numbers

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Yes, I believe the whole number has to repeat. It doesn't have to be just two numbers repeating though it could be something like 123123123, it needs to be a minimum of two numbers repeating at least twice.

Here's a link to recognized Fancy #'s by PMG.


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There's a slight variation on the PMG rule (at least, they won't annotate repeater unless it's at least 6 digits total).  Here's what they say:  Repeater Serial Number--This serial number will repeat. The minimum number of digits that need to repeat is two (IE: 121212). Likewise, the minimum times the sequence needs to repeat is two (IE: 12341234). <--based on 'repeat is two' 1212 ought to be a repeater, right? Nope.

Two examples, the Baltimore $5 gets the note "Repeater Serial Number", however, the Portland note doesn't (it ought to be a binary repeater in my opinion).  4 digits apparently isn't enough and there's no way to get a 5 digit repeater, so a min. of 6 digits.


MD-Baltimore 1435 $5 RS Repeater.jpg


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