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1985 fold over error.

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1 hour ago, marten2479 said:

I don’t find any similar that sold on eBay. ?

I would put this in a similar category as yours.


I'd say it's maybe a little better as it has more of the missing elements printed on the fold, condition could be better as well but you can't tell 100% from just pictures.

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1 hour ago, marten2479 said:

That’s not certified

Yes, same as yours. If you want to see what a similar certified note sells for, you'll have to look around at sold listings for graded notes.

11 minutes ago, marten2479 said:

I also see nothing at heritage or StacksBowers

Type in one dollar foldover or fold over at HA. I got over 300 matches, some of which are very similar to yours. One very similar note sold for just over $300 in April of this year, graded.

1 hour ago, marten2479 said:

seems quite different looking.

And better.

Just my opinion, I could be completely wrong.

As to whether or not it's worth certification, I would lean towards yes. Certification would probably increase the value of the note beyond the cost of the grading fees. If authentic, which it seems to be. For instructions on how to submit go here. https://www.pmgnotes.com/services/Submitting.aspx 

Good Luck to you, and congrats. It is a cool looking error note.

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Make sure the font on the SN on the back is exactly the same as that on the front.  It looks good to me with nice embossing evident on the front.  See also PMG's posts on counterfeiting and changes to Serial Numbers (e.g., see:  https://www.pmgnotes.com/news/article/8052/).  For example, they use UV to see if a SN has been removed (but be careful not to look into UV as you can damage your eyes).  I like the look of the note except for the lines where the SN would have been.  That's a flag to me.  Especially check this area as shown by the arrow in the attached pic. 99% sure it's genuine given the shift of the 3rd printing on the seal an SN on front. If good, then send to PMG as I agree with FM, it will be worth the grading fees.  Probably a VF 35 as it has a centerfold unfortunately.


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