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Hello, I am looking at this note (PMG Cert 8069479-001).

Can I ask what are those markings that look like scribbles or doodles ? - around the center of the note (front and back).

Also there seems to be a "B" or a "D" letter stamp on the front center leftside.

Yet this note is graded 58 EPQ-Star.

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Hello, thanks for your message.  When you refer to "scribbles" are you referring to the red and blue fibers in the paper?  Those little lines are actual fibers in the paper and are not markings on the note.  

I don't see a stamp on the note but there is a plate position letter D on the front of the note both bottom right and top left.  The Plate position denotes the position and plate on which it was printed. 

If you have any other questions, please let me know.  Thank you!

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