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  1. Hello, I am looking at this note (PMG Cert 8069479-001). Can I ask what are those markings that look like scribbles or doodles ? - around the center of the note (front and back). Also there seems to be a "B" or a "D" letter stamp on the front center leftside. Yet this note is graded 58 EPQ-Star.
  2. Thanks for reply. Is it possible that PMG encapsulated it, then took picture for database. Then realized the mistake saw it was upside-down. And reholdered it without updating the photo.. before sending it back to the submitter ?
  3. Hello. This note from a seller is shown as being facing upright in the holder but when I verified the certification number in your database, the picture shows the note as upside-down in the holder can I confirm this note has been reholdered so the note facing direction is UP ? pictures attached - the certification number is shown (6024099-017) appreciate a quick reply. Thanks