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Grading my collection

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Hi just joined, have been working on a Confederate note collection for the past several years and just finished my 1864 set with the T-64 and T-72.

Right now the T-64 is the only note that has been graded, and I am thinking of sending the others in to be graded. 

Some of the notes have a few issues, would it make sense to include them, knowing they will be given a lower grade? 


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What is your motivation in having them graded? To increase value on resale? To preserve them and prevent further damage over time from handling? To prove they're genuine?

If you're wanting to prove / be sure they're real or prevent future damage, get them graded if it's worth it to you - though it is potentially expensive. If you're trying to increase resale value, you'll need to look at each note, the grade you expect, what you can sell it for now and what you think you can sell it for after grading.

I have my Zimbabwean hyperinflation note set. At current prices it makes zero sense financially to grade them or to try to build a graded collection of them, but that's how I decided to approach it.

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A couple reasons really, one is to protect them, but also to get a better idea of what condition they are in, to help with collecting down the road. I also want nice examples of each denomination and a couple of the notes aren't in the best shape. 

As for authenticity, i had some doubts about a couple of my notes but had them checked out by a local coin and currency shop and they checked out. 

I also like to just look at my collection,  and the encapsulation allows you to handle your notes more than you could otherwise.

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