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  1. A couple reasons really, one is to protect them, but also to get a better idea of what condition they are in, to help with collecting down the road. I also want nice examples of each denomination and a couple of the notes aren't in the best shape. As for authenticity, i had some doubts about a couple of my notes but had them checked out by a local coin and currency shop and they checked out. I also like to just look at my collection, and the encapsulation allows you to handle your notes more than you could otherwise.
  2. Hi just joined, have been working on a Confederate note collection for the past several years and just finished my 1864 set with the T-64 and T-72. Right now the T-64 is the only note that has been graded, and I am thinking of sending the others in to be graded. Some of the notes have a few issues, would it make sense to include them, knowing they will be given a lower grade? Thanks