Fr. 73 - 1880 $5 Woodchopper - GUESS THE GRADE

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Recently submitted this to PMG as a raw note (dealer listed it as "CH. UNC.") and wanted to get some feedback on what board members would think the grade came back as.   Will reveal after sufficient amount of responses.    I took the serial number out of the image as to not give away (hopefully) where this came from. 



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Gorgeous note. At a glance it looks UNC. And that centering looks at least 65. BUT put the note under side-lighting and check the shadows... maybe a light fold or two? Then we're looking at AU, maybe 55. An XF would be surprising, maybe justified if deep folds had been pressed out, or other processing/cleaning has flattened the embossing, weakened the note, etc. But like I said - that's a beauty. I'd be a proud owner!

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