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  1. Fashionably late to the party … since you’re at 158 posts now. Here is a 100 pesos post
  2. Although, the embossing looks better in the lower photo 😎
  3. Hello from a newbie, I have three of the $1 denomination bills. One is postmarked Sept 1,1945 and two are postmarked Sept 2, 1945. They are from my dad and according to his journal he left Saipan Aug 22, 1945 and arrived Tokyo Bay on Sept 1 and his ship left on Sept 3rd. I cannot seem to find much on these bills with the postmarks. Sept 1 bill is postmarked Tokyo Bay, and the Sept 2 bills are postmarked VJ Day / Tokyo Bay. Old thread but is it still of interest, I know I’m curious about these notes.