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  1. .Me too. More to the story, when I saw the eBay listing I sent him a message: "I recently saw this note in a PMG holder. Did you remove the note from the holder? If so, why?" I did not receive a reply.
  2. "This isn't unethical"? Really? The comment "Seal Redrawn" has been removed. Don't you think a buyer would like to know that? Of course it's unethical. When faced with that kind of behavior, I'm not going to "relax". Sad that you will.
  3. Gorgeous note. At a glance it looks UNC. And that centering looks at least 65. BUT put the note under side-lighting and check the shadows... maybe a light fold or two? Then we're looking at AU, maybe 55. An XF would be surprising, maybe justified if deep folds had been pressed out, or other processing/cleaning has flattened the embossing, weakened the note, etc. But like I said - that's a beauty. I'd be a proud owner!
  4. Just saw this note on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FR-42-1869-2-LEGAL-TENDER-RAINBOW-SUPER-EXTRA-FINE-CONDITION/153720137450 It sold last week on Heritage Auctions for $1050 + 20% buyer's premium: https://currency.ha.com/itm/large-size/legal-tender-notes/fr-42-2-1869-legal-tender-pmg-very-fine-25/a/141944-85451.s WARNING: The eBay seller has apparently removed the PMG holder with comment "Seal Redrawn", VF 25. The seller has titled his eBay listing: SUPER EXTRA FINE CONDITION. It really bothers me that not only has someone destroyed a beautiful PMG holder and erased the effort that a grader has put into their work, but they are also trying to hide details that help us collectors assess the true value of a note! If anyone else would like to report this listing to eBay it may help reduce this kind of unethical behavior. Just click on the Report link in the listing. I used the category/topics: Listing practices > Search and browse manipulation > Incorrect Item Condition. The attached image summarizes my findings.
  5. Thanks G. I get the "contemporary" part of the description now. Still not clear what "reprint" means. I asked the seller to clarify. Never heard back.
  6. Hey Guys. Anyone know what a "Contemporary Reprint" of a Lazy Deuce is? I saw this listing 0n ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FR387b-2-DEUCE-ST-NICOLAS-NATL-BANK-OF-N-Y-CONTEMPORARY-REPRINT-WLM3654/172773002114?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 If it literally means "modern copy of a note", how can it be worth $1000+ ???