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  1. I recently sent in a note for regrading as I thought it was one grade higher. Unfortunately, it came back with the same grade (although I can't figure out why - except for a little off centering top to bottom, it's solid). I even called PMG to see if they can give an explanation to see if I was missing something and they said they don't give out that information. So it was a waste of time and money as I gained ZERO knowledge to help my eye.
  2. Recently submitted this to PMG as a raw note (dealer listed it as "CH. UNC.") and wanted to get some feedback on what board members would think the grade came back as. Will reveal after sufficient amount of responses. I took the serial number out of the image as to not give away (hopefully) where this came from.
  3. How many notes can be held comfortably in the small size bag?
  4. Would there be a fee for "Reholdering" a note that is not placed in the holder properly. Sometimes when a note is not perfectly square in the holder it detracts from the overall appearance. Thanks in advance.
  5. Are these published anywhere? Double denominations? Inverted Overprints? Mismatched serial numbers? Anyway to know how many were graded by PMG and their grades?
  6. Newbie question, I want to put some small size currency in sleeves and was wondering what the best ones are for a reasonable price. Are some better than others? Mylar? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Thanks for the info... I had the same question. Good luck collecting!