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How do you guys feel about PMG and encapsulation? (Coin guy asking)

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As someone who has pretty much stuck to coins, and only lightly messed around with note collecting, I'm wondering how you guys feel about PMG and the idea of encapsulating notes?


Do the holders really do a good job of protecting/preserving the notes? From what I've heard, they're flexible plastic, unlike the NGC holders that are much harder and (presumably) better at protecting the item.


I've periodically thought about getting into notes as a sideline to my coin collection and I'm wondering what the rest of you have to say about all this.

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I think the "air exchange" argument is overrated. Things decompose in oxygen, and so not allowing an exchange of air and the subsequent replenishment of oxygen is a good thing. Plus, though I may be mistaken, I think most important documents on display are stored under an atmosphere of nitrogen or other inert gas, another strike against oxygen. I beleive this is how the documents are stored at the Smithsionian.


Some have brought up the issue of moisture as the reason notes need to breath, but there is nothing studious on that subject either.


Plus, most plastic is not airtight, and so there is always some breathing.


Overtime, it's the moisture in the air that "KILLS" notes, so I'm all for sealing the note in a PMG holder.


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PMG holders are the best, yes they are flexible, they are sealed, I have washed them off in water, dropped them on the floor, they hold up really well, and are non-PVC, professional graded, I have great confidence in them.


As an example of there protection/confidence, see the $5,000 1878 Legal Tender in a PMG holder, it sold for $805,000.00 (USD)


If I had an $800K+ note, I’d place it in a PMG holder too.


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