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  1. Now you've given me another thing on my list. :-)
  2. Well, as I said, The tradition of the 'greenback' and anti-counterfeiting may be why we stick to the old way. I dunno. Maybe a letter to one of the mints or mint director. Or even the Treasury department. CB
  3. Beautiful currency. I'd like to see our currency prettier, but I suppose tradition of the "greenback" and anti-counterfeit measures slows that idea. Bahamas have beautiful coinage and paper money.
  4. There's a question about those because people kept going back to wanting the original plates which are, to this day, illegal to own. This did something to the psysche of investors. When you covet something you can't have, the focus is sharper and the brain goes into hyper-drive trying to figure out how to get one. I guess it's like being brainwashed, you just cannot change your thinking unless you undergo a 'reverse brainwash'. I have had these for a long time and are quite hard to find. I have never seen them offered on ebay or HA or S&B. I have several, and I'm told by dealers, they are way underpriced. Let's see what happens, and I'll rethink my offer of $25 each on EBay. As to numbers printed, only a guess, but in normal times, they would print around 500 items if like these, as time goes by, they increased to 2000 items, and now with the market seething with buyers, possibly more but now with the illness which shall not be named, I bet it goes down. These prints are where you find them. Love your stuff CB
  5. That's a great note. Hard to find. I have a few I need to post, but just now getting to it. I dunno why I have so much trouble finding pictures, so I will take them again, rename the file and hope for better days. Brian PS I wonder if PMG would holder one of these.
  6. It's now the end of March, one of the wackiest months in my life and probably yours and perhaps in history of the modern world. Plagues have been with us since the beginning and I suppose this isn't gonna be the last one unless we all go down with it. But, not here to discuss our future, but the present. Seems as though everything except the graders have gone home, and I bet their number of coins and paper money has dropped quite a bit as only electronic trading is happening. All the venues I go to are shut down for the foreseeable future, and my website hasn't had a hit in 2 weeks. I thought maybe with folks stuck inside, perhaps more would be looking at the site, but no such luck. I'm working with a company who puts up sites, so I cannot edit it until they finish with their legal beagles and so on and so forth. So,I thought I'd talk about what I am doing to keep me off the streets looking for paper money blowing in the wind. A while back, I bought a stash of uncertified notes, mostly $2 modern FRN's If you care to go to my site, you can see a few, and also I put a few on eBay and will add more when Tomorrow comes. I put so many up, I ran out of free postings, so I have to wait til tomorrow. See captbrian2. Is it illegal here to putup my locations of info. Hope not. Anyway, these $2's are of many sorts. Fancy serial #'s, error notes, and so on. One of them, I especially like (the blue book shows it at $700+-, and it is with 3 other notes. What happens is, the third printing, (the serial # & seal) are submitting to gravity, then fighting it. The 1st note is where it should be (the serial #) then the 2nd note has it dropping down a bit. and the 4th, it begins to defy gravity and starts self correcting back up to where it belongs. I have never seen a set like this, and I have talked with others who have seen similar, but it is quite rare from what I can get from the paper money community. Anyway, I will try to post the pictures. I always have incredible trouble posting pictures on these journals, but I'll give 'er a spin. No luck with picture. I'm gonna publish this then try to add in pictures.
  7. Thanks for the website compliment. I might say it was/is a lotta work.
  8. Regarding my district sets.  I did not collect these one note at a time.  These were bought raw or graded by CGA.  I took all raw notes (just put another set in for grading at the FUN SHOW last week in Orlando) (show closed Sunday). All were bought from private parties, then regraded by me in PMG holders.  The CGA graded notes were ok, lost a coupla grades on some, most only one and a few, no change.  I'm sure they were all from BEP packages.  Two sets, I have the packaging from the BEP.  Ican't categorically state how the others were gathered, but I can assume with great assuredness they all had similar packaging.

    It remains however, that populations and rank are up to date was far as PMG records go.

    Capt. B

  9. CaptBrian

    Shipwreck coins!

    HI!! long time no chat. I just bought 5 nice coins like yours, already sold one of them at the FUN show last week. They seem to be in demand. Sold a nice 8 Escudo Gold I just had graded. Got $1700 for it, 1733-12 FV Details sand worn (I wouldn't think not). A beauty. How you been? Capt. Brian
  10. Jan 14, 2020 JUST back from the FUN show in Orlando. Put in another set just finished(for grading by PMG). Hope to get it back quick, but I bet they're backed up 2 months minimum, so I'll just go on a coupla cruises and check the mail when I get back. serial #'s 00000082*, not quite as low as my 00000039*, but hoping for good grading. One of them has a terrible margin cut, almost no margin, so thats gonna be a 62 or three. As long as they all come back UNC, I'll be happy. Anyway, I'll upload pictures when I get them back. My table had an excellent location as it was in the front row, all the way to the left as you enter, and directly across from the NGC & PMG tables lining the east wall. So everyone had to go past me to get to them. We were swamped. People were actually running in the front door, and to NGC and PMG for grading. After the crowds dissapated, and I was able to kabitz with them, I got a lot of great info regarding grading and NGC's services. They're great people. One of my adventures, was, I finished getting together another district set like my 2003 $2 District set #00000039*, but with a little higher serial #, 00000082*. Now my other district set, --39*, has Marin's signature making a nice courtesy autograph pedigree, so I was thinking, what the heck, maybe one of the treasurer's or secretary to the treasurer, might be there and sign these notes, and that would be neato. Imagine, havin' 2 sets of 2's signed by the treasurer of the USA. Anyway, I went to the huge Treasury's booth, and asked who may be in attendance and none of the notables would be coming. Too bad, collectors LOVE to have the current treasurer sign their notes. Anyway, I never give up easy. I asked, "Could I leave them with you and you get them signed and then mail them back, and I'd pay any expenses. NO WAY!! LOL, they just don't do that. So, I was talking to four people there, one in regular clothes, one sheriff (A treasury agent officer in uniform) a suit(one of the big deals with the treasury but he downplayed his position), and a lady. As we joked around, (I was trying to loosen them up so I could get them to jump through my hoop) but to no avail. BUT... Not going to give up easy, I asked is there any luminary there which would be important. To which they said no. Most of this conversation was talking to the fellow in regular clothing and near the end of my saga, I asked who he was and he said, "I only designed the package the notes came in." Now that restoked my fires for fame and fortune and I asked if he would sign the notes, and I would see if PMG would grade them with a "courtesy autograpy' note on the holder. NOT SO FAST!!! So I went to PMG and asked if they would do it. 1st, everyone I asked said no, then at the last, the fellow in charge of the 'get your money graded' table said, I need to get authorization from PMG management. He said he'd email and ask, so I went off to call them. NOT SO FAST, by now, Thursday afternoon, they were closed. So... I waited until the next day, and called in, put on hold and never did really get an answer, got disconnected. Being the PMG manager said he'd email home base, I figured he'd get the answer first. SO..... Later that day, he flags me down and says YES, we can do it BUT, he has to come over here and we have to witness that. "GREAT!", I yell out. So, I race over to the Treasury booth, and spout the big news!! "I won, I won", says I. At that same instant the suit woman says, holding a little book, "We can't do it." "It would be defacing government property". And she hands me the book, and with a the greatest face of dismay, I lost the war. Won the battle, lost the war. BUT..., I did get Brian Brown, the designer of the package the notes came in from the mint to sign inside the book for me. I bet I'm the only one who has that in the 2000 packages made by the mint. Neato huh. Well, lost the war, but 'got a medal', doncha think? So, I put them in for grading, and when I get them back, I'm gonna see if PMG will allow some points for the book signing. (never give up) My web site has great pictures, and as soon as I get them back from PMG, I'll post them. Happy collecting, and NEVER GIVE UP!!! The pot of gold at the end IS there! Capt. B
  11. JUST back from the FUN show in Orlando. Put in another set just finished. Hope to get it back quick, but I bet they're backed up 2 months minimum, so I'll just go on a coupla cruises and check the mail when I get back. serial #'s 00000082*, not quite as low as my 00000039*, but hoping for good grading. One of them has a terrible margin cut, almost no margin, so that;s gonna be a 62 or three. As long as they all come back UNC, I'll be happy. Anyway, I'll upload pictures when I get them back. Capt. B
  12. Thanks a lot. More to come. Having a devil of a time uploading pictures. Wrong size. I'll fig it out.. Thanks again..
  13. Hello, Common question I bet. There are a couple of ways.... (few) and some quite stale, but still a good chance to give you an idea. First go to a book in which you can find the Fr# or Catalog number, e.g. Whitman Ecyclopedia of U.S. Paper Money and find your note in there and the Identifier. When in the book, it has approximate prices and of course with the fluid market, the newer the book the better. But I can't afford new books every printing so I use an old one and apply the current market strength or weakness in currencies such as I am interested in. Another way is (my favorite) is be a member of Heritage Auctions, and Stacks & Bower. They have great websites and on line auctions where you can learn to dial in your item, and sometimes get a current price of an item like or close to yours. The last place I go is EBay. Remember, Ebay has a 13% markup if you use paypal so be wary of the asking prices. I would take off 13%, and then a little more because usually you can bargain down a little. Note FR# on 2nd line of label description. Lastly, come to this forum and ask anyone for a particular item. Or list it for sale for a price you would accept. I hope that helps. Capt. Brian
  14. Hello, great journal. Another perspective is always dessert for me. I had several PCGS graded notes, and took a good look at them. Some were not worth re-grading, and those that had some value, I sent the whole pack to PMG and when they came back, I was net improved. I always have a hard time with collectors of both coins and currency and the argument of which is better. I say, its like two gunfighters, last man standing is better. But seriously, I always trusted PCGS currency as I do with coins, but I don't feel PCGS is/was superior in either venue. I have many coins and currency in both holders, and will continue to purchase as I deem valuable to my collections. Capt. Brian