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  1. Are you still looking for U.S. error notes or are you selling any??? Nick R. 253 848-0468
  2. Let me know if your interested in selling it! Thanks. Nick
  3. Did you end up selling this note or do you still have it. I’m interested if you do. Thanks. Nick R.
  4. It looks like it might be an error note. Do you still have it?
  5. How much did you get for yourverror note if you don’t mind me asking???
  6. $350 to $450 for Insufficient face printing error or $750 to $950 for a complete missing face print. That’s about the price they sell for now give Orr take a little. Hope this helps
  7. I’m not sure how old this post is but if you can send me some photos and or a brief description of what the notes are or look like, I will try and help you out the best I can. Let me know. Thanks. Nick R. 253 848-0468
  8. Does anyone have any similar type error notes that they would consider selling or even trading for other mid to high end error notes or coins??? Please contact me if so or if you know someone with a nice error note collection that may consider selling a few notes here or there or to even trade to better their collection. Thank you so much! Nick Reiswig 253 848-0468 or
  9. This note that was returned was a very nice and fairly crisp 1957 B. SC that was being graded as an error note (Offset Printing error) the # it was given was 8048860-020 it gives me no explanation except under faq but it says under this designation that the note is so damaged that they can’t begin to authenticate??? It is probsbly a 55 grade if not better. Can anyone help me understand what the issue is with this note? From what I understand if it is fake it would have been under a different designation. Thank you for any help you can give. Nick R.