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With the President in the White House, its look like we will see the new redesign Twenty Dollars bill with in this year or next year, with "Harriet Tubman" on the bill in 2022 or 2024 series, only after the new Treasurer of the United State and a new Secretary  of the Treasury are name and approved by House and Senate. We will see the new "Harriet Tubman" bill that will be printed; I hope they can be printed at both the Washington D.C. and at the Fort Worth TX location. This will be the first time a person of color will be on any U S currency in the history of the United States. This bill first design was the 1928 series with Tate-Mellon and the next was in 1996 series with the Withrow-Rubin "Big Head" notes series was last printed in that format.

Starting in 2004 the new redesign notes with Marin-Snow series was the first printed in that format, and rand from 2004 thru 2021. This will be the fourth redesign for the Twenty Dollar notes. This is one of the most used notes of all the currently in circulation today. The Harriet Tubman bill will be an open face design, the same way as the series of 2004 current bill that are in circulation. This will be a newest note in the series of Twenty Dollars notes, within this collation.



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It looks like we should not expect any Harriet Tubman design until 2030.   The BEP is busy with the scheduled updates to currency and the new Tubman note will have to be delayed and put into the schedule.

Why Harriet Tubman Probably Won't Be on the $20 Bill Until 2030 (insider.com)

From the article: 
"A government committee, known as the Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence Steering Committee, decided in 2013 that most currency bills would undergo major redesigns to add new security features and prevent counterfeiting attempts.  The $10 bill was set to be redesigned in 2026, the $50 in 2028, the $20 in 2030, the $5 in 2032 to 2035, and the $100 in 2034 to 2038."

Nine more years?   Yikes. 

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Yes, I also read somewhere that 2030 would be the expected release of the redesigned $20. A lot can happen in 9 years, including two elections, surprisingly it seems that the Tubman portrait is still very much a coin flip at too whether or not it will happen. 

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