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Getting Better Organized Now Maybe



My collection of graded notes exploded in the last couple of years as I've worked on building the Zimbabwe collection. My storage and organization has lagged far behind with the notes just in large plastic sleeve that hold up to 8-10 notes and having those stacked up.

It actually made things a bit of a nightmare for me when trying to look through and enjoy the notes because they were just hard to manage like this.

My wife and I exchanged Valentine's presents early this weekend and she gave me some graded note storage boxes that look like old books on the outside.



They are different colors (I think they're available in 4 colors) but they also have a small label pocket for saying what's in each one.


She got me 2 to start out but I'm going to get to add a 3rd in a couple of days and take advantage of 5% eBay bucks at the same time.

I'd initially been linked to these on eBay by another reddit user when I saw a post by that user showing one. I've had the impression that my wife might have / might be getting me some of these. This paradoxically in the short term made my organizational practices even worse - I lost all interest in fighting my old system to try to get things in order and sort in new notes when I knew these might be coming in a week or two. And, they would have been coming, because if she hadn't bought them for me they probably would have been the next thing I bought myself.

I got really excited when I saw these in that reddit post and saw that the price was reasonable ($20/box). I've been wanting something like this f or a while and prefer something like this to albums and pages.

I clearly haven't finished putting all my notes in them yet but I can already tell they're  going to make life so much easier when dealing with my notes.



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You're a lucky guy my friend and that's a pretty great gift to boot! :golfclap:

I have looked at these before and I liked them a lot but I didn't think they would fit some of the older "blanket" type notes in my collection, the tallest note I have with holder measures 6.5". I didn't know they had a little pocket on the end/bottom, super cool and I hadn't thought about orienting them that way but I guess you would have to in order to open them without everything spilling out. You could still stand them up like a book for security/storage though. 

Feeling jealous of those storage books and pretty inadequate due to my junk draw method of storage right now. :facepalm:

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5 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

Feeling jealous of those storage books and pretty inadequate due to my junk draw method of storage right now. :facepalm:

It's basically the same as the junk desk hutch compartment I'd been going with. 😆 

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