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Okay.... So I may be walking back some of those ideas...



So, I knew going into this and in making my other post that the old Travellers checks are pretty out there and common and available...



As long as you don't insist on them being uncanceled / unused... (Geeeze! That is a heck of a lot of money!)


But I'm finding that the Cargill Checks (P 13-14 and P 24-27), may just only be available much more rarely and at prices I am just 100% not willing to pay for them, short of me winning the Mega Millions.


However, the more I look at them the more excited I get about the idea of buying and collecting some of the old fuel ration coupons from ~2005. And if PMG is willing to grade them I could see them either being included in my current "Gradually, Then Suddenly," and / or becoming the focus of a new Signature Set / Collection. These are very interesting to me as much as anything because you have the Reserve Bank issuing ration coupons and not the government or some other part of the executive branch. So I feel like that makes these very much adjacent to the Bearer Checks and Agro Checks as collectables.







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Yeah that's a little salty for the Cargill cheques. I like the fuel ration coupons, kinda takes the whole situation to a more personal level. For me.

I think there is a good chance PMG would grade the coupons issued by the RBZ, not so sure they would grade ones issued by CALTEX or others (if there are others). 

What's the one that has AMBY on it, was that a RBZ issue as well? Looks like they cashed it. 

Dang it, can't stop looking at fuel coupons now. :frustrated:


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