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Upgrade my system (sets) at least twice a day.

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Fenntucky Mike


Not really, but.... 

Most of the Ukrainian notes coming up for auction/sale as of late are duplicates of examples I already have but some would be upgrades for me. So do I take the opportunity to replace a few low grades in my set or not, I'm not so sure right now. There are many factors in a decision to upgrade your collection, as a collector you would of course want the best examples available (that are within your means). I'm definitely not upgrading anything unless it's a 2+ increase in grade, I do have a few AU notes I would like to get in BU condition. Those are the easy decisions but most of the current notes I'm seeing are only a 1 or 2 tier increase in grade, all BU examples. Those are the notes that I'm having trouble with, I just can't seem to generate enough enthusiasm to want to upgrade those notes. Added to my lack of "want to" is the cost of such upgrades and that I'm currently concentrating on the coin side of my collecting endeavors. 

This question (to upgraded or not) and the number of upgrades available is a bit of a reflection of my collecting style, meaning that I'll tend to grab the best available note for my sets knowing that there are better notes out there (I religiously check population reports). I tend not to wait, at some level this question is self inflected and also unavoidable. So many factors, the increased popularity of Ukrainian notes is yet another. With more collectors will more notes become available? Do I now practice patience and wait? The thought process being, more newly graded notes will become available in the very near future because sellers will have more graded as this latest class of notes are snapped up by new collectors. Then of course there is the question do I submit raw notes, modern Ukrainian notes are readily available raw and in good condition, I'm thinking this will be the route I take in the very near future, especially with the harder to obtain notes (I already have a healthy stash of raw notes). At this time I'm going to wait it out and pass on nonsignificant upgrades, holding out for notes that will complete my collection. Waiting will also have the added benefit of allowing me to focus on the coin side for the moment and to allow me to do some more in-depth research into the Ukrainian notes I currently have. 

Can't have a Journal entry without a picture of a note, got these a few weeks back.



They're basically stamps and there a few unlisted variants, they also have a cool history/story that I'll share one day. 

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Well there's a neat cross over to the stamp collectors of the world!  I've got my perf. guage ready.  What should I be looking for?  Did you get AU 55s because of the centering?  :)

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2 hours ago, ddr70 said:

Well there's a neat cross over to the stamp collectors of the world!  I've got my perf. guage ready.  What should I be looking for?  Did you get AU 55s because of the centering?  :)

Definitely a centering issue, along with poor separation of the top and bottom perforations (not clean, crisp, clear tears/cuts like the sides) and a slight horizontal crease bottom center (more visible on the reverse). Not a stamp guy (yet) but that's what I'm seeing.


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