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Under the (UV)light / You see a sight that almost stops your heart

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Fenntucky Mike


A new note arrived the other day, always a joyous event. It was a P 82b, a note that the seller had multiples of, a note that you don't see as often as it's counterpart (82a). As soon as I saw this note I checked the PMG Population Report, five notes graded at 68 and 1 at 65. I don't keep a week by week record of the populations but I do check them out every Tuesday when they are updated and from what I recalled the five 68's are all new meaning they were all submitted together. Sweet, now I'm pretty confident that the seller has multiples of this note, so I wait. Over the course of two month's time I watched one note sell then a second, I'm now watching the third note (I think), it gets relisted a couple of times, a price drop and I buy it.


Sweet it looks great! Or does it? Something not quite right here... 

To clarify things a little, the major difference between 82a and 82b is a Latent Imprint (amongst other things). The Latent Imprint is visible under UV light and displays the denomination "3 КРБ" on the left front of the note, directly behind the depiction of the statue of Lybid (mythical sister of Kyi, Schek and Khoryv. The founders of Kyiv). Here's a few images of a 10 Karbovantsiv (84b) with Latent Imprint, the 3 Karbovantsi should look the same except with "3" displayed instead of "10".

1008384367_s-l1600(19).jpg.acab578ce5a81929341a3213bd2e2e9b.jpg       UKR84a-2det.jpg.c7138ed2ecee0b839c9322b7775e0b5e.jpg

Ok, easy enough. I don't do this with every note I own but I'd say at least 75% of the time I'll examine the note/s under UV light. So let's take a look, uh oh. That stinks, no Latent Imprint where it should be.

4.JPG.d8d5af51d68986264a5a248260c5301f.JPG  1.JPG.6967998b59c1e927b91c80b0339ee7a8.JPG  2.JPG.2f70f42787fcb7fdcdcd4985caf251e5.JPG

A mechanical error. Dang it. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't have the best equipment so I could be mistaken but I'm feeling pretty confident I'm correct. This is not my first "mechanical error" on a label, hey people make mistakes, no big deal. PMG/NGC are always super helpful and with something like this they will be more than happy to take a look at it and reholder it with a new label at no charge if the label is incorrect. I've had a label corrected before, with a coin, easy peasy. PMG/NGC also guarantee the grade, so if the label is changed the grade will stay at 68 and that is actually pretty awesome because if it is a P-82a that means it would be the highest graded, by 2 points! I'll absolutely be sending this in to be reexamined. But until I have a submission ready to send this note with I'll be housing it in a signature set, so that I don't forget about it. 

That leads me to the final question. I'm not going to put this note in any of my competitive sets but what about the other P-82b's that were in the same submission, like I said there are at least 3 and up to 5 notes that were sent in together. Doesn't mean that they were all mislabeled or that the notes are all 82a's but the possibility is there. Good thing I know where two of the other notes went, HEY, @Perfect-70 and @Bonezdogg check your P-82b's they might be mechanical errors. Hope they're not mechanical errors and that they are correct. But you should check them out tonight under the pale UV light.

Good Luck,

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Interesting. So I guess the PMG holder doesn't block UV and you can still see the UV features in graded notes. I have a UV light I might actually use now...

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14 hours ago, Revenant said:

Interesting. So I guess the PMG holder doesn't block UV and you can still see the UV features in graded notes. I have a UV light I might actually use now...

It probably obstructs the UV features a little bit but they are still visible. In the last row of images you can see the security fibers through the holder. The images of the 10 Karbovantsiv are of an ungraded note in a regular holder. 

The initial thing that didn't look right is with a UV feature that large you can typically see a faint outline of it or a shadow or shaded area under regular lighting. If you hold it just right.

Here's a pic of a 50 Karbovantsiv under standard lighting with some slight backlighting. The latent imprint is clearly visible.



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