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Which path to take, which pawn to move?

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Fenntucky Mike


So I'm really torn here. As some may know I've been selling off some of my duplicate coins to acquire funds to purchase a particular banknote (Pick 125, 2011 50 Hryven Commemorative), see Journal entry "Right now! Catch that magic moment, do it right here and now?". I've been wrestling with this since July, I've hit the total needed to get this note probably 3 times and each time something else came up, i.e. a coin or a run of banknotes, etc.. We'll here I am again, I hit the target amount to buy the 50 Hryven note and guess what, a slew of notes pop up from multiple sellers that would be great in my collection/s, aghhhhh! :pullhair: Soooo, now what? (shrug) Do I get the 50 Hryven, bid on about 8 different banknotes that are now available in auctions or both. Then if I buy the 50 and place bids on the others, do I make serious bids to try and get all the notes? This is killing me, why, why, why! I think the most sensible thing to do is, again, pass on the 50 Hryven note and place serious bids on the notes I'm eyeballing. I know the 50 will wait but my big fear is that it will continue to climb in price, last I checked it was running around $650. I hate pushing the 50 to the end of the line again, but I think it's the right move, right now. 

On a side note, one of the latest additions to my collection was this 1920 (No Date) 5 Hryven note with "P" on the back. There are a few varieties/errors with this note. Variety one, large ПЯТЬ (FIVE) on the reverse (about 16mm in length). Variety two, small ПЯТЬ (FIVE) on the reverse (about 13mm in length) which is what my note is. Error one, "P" missing from ГРИВЕНЬ (Hryven) on the back, which is why "With "P" on Back" is denoted on the label of my note. Finally error two, where the Obv and Rev images are inverted. There are no known specimens of this issue, the paper has "mushroom" watermarks. I haven't looked but I'm assuming that Krause does not have a watermark listed for this note and that is why PMG did not call it out on the label. This always bugs me to no end, that PMG and Krause (or whomever) don't communicate more on their own in regards to improving descriptions and/or discoveries (rant over). 

Note in PMG Holder:




Watermarks "mushrooms":


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Delayed gratification is a bi^ch but I do try my best. Your dilemma describes the pain of collecting to all of us very well. But, every time I have delayed that gratification and saved the shillings for that one beauty, I never, ever have buyer's remorse. I look back 3 years later and say, I loved that note for a reason, and I am so glad I waited and pounced. That's my 2 shillings!

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When I do get that 50 it's going to be great! Even better if the price goes down instead of up. I'll probably hang it on a wall, or put it in a picture frame on my desk so I can bask in it. 

It's not entirely self restraint and common sense that has me pushing this note back again. One of the big selling points to myself is, "Well. Do you want just one note for $X or do you want several really good notes for $X? Hmmmm... ". I can usually sell myself on more is better.

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My Zimbabwe set has definitely balanced higher grades vs getting more notes at still very good grades leading to a more complete and IMO better overall set.

Part of the reason it took me so long to pull the trigger on the P-1D even though I really wanted it was even for $100 I knew I could fill more holes in my set and I though getting things like the P-15 would do FAR more for my overall set than having the 4th and final P-1 variety.

So I know your pain. When the time is right to get that one I think you'll know. I waited on the P-1D and I'm happy.

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