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"long hair freaky people" Only!

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Fenntucky Mike



I was looking at my Ukrainian banknotes yesterday and after inspecting the reverse of the 1992 5 Hryven note I couldn't help but say to myself "Damn, that's one crazy stash! What's with all the hair on these notes?". Yep, that thought was all the encouragement my brain needed to leap from the structure of reality and plunge frontal lobe first into the "default mode network". Now having fully left reality I start to wonder if the portrait of Bogdan Khmelnytsky turns into a younger version of him if you turn the bill upside down, kind of like the old "before 10 beers / after 10 beers" joke. Ehhhh No. But the stash did give the feathers a run for their money. 


Next, I'm wondering who has the best coif on a Ukrainian note? Not a contest you would necessarily want to win, but after extensive research I would have to give first prize to Mikhail Hrushevsky on the 50 Hryven note. In this case I would think less is more, at least in this contest. Not may lookers here so far, but plenty of personal hygiene and style choice questions.


Next thought is, who would win Best in Show competing in the Banknotes of Any Denomination with Hair, Also Including Rugs class, better known as the B.A.D.H.A.I.R. category. A few hours later, after scouring the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, my thought process continuing to spiral downward. I've now been sidetracked into "what if I combined some of the greatest bad hair days on banknotes and combined them". Now I'm breaking the notes into categories like best neck beard, mutton chops, stashes, fur coats and hats, etc. Being a little technologically challenged and my imagination being restricted to the tools at hand, I ended up with a cross between James Mason and a Oompa Loompa. 


The portrait is made from seven different notes, 10 points if you can guess 4 of the 7.

To wrap it up, my brain run amok was stopped by the arrival of new parcel yesterday. Huzzah, a new banknote has arrived....... Oh,...Yep, more hair. 


If you made it this far the short answer is, NO! I do not know how to unread this, blank your memory or poke out your minds eye. All I can say is that I'll be going to the liquor store in about five minutes, in an effort to wipe this from my memory banks. Two days without the structure of work is apparently to long a period for my brain to handle. 

Feel free to share some Bad Hair Day Banknotes.

GOOD LUCK forgetting this and don't say I didn't warn you.

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