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Got my Bond Notes. :)



I suppose I hinted at this in my previous post by posting pictures of both of them but I didn't bring this up because I didn't close / seal the deal on the 2nd one until this morning.

Over the weekend, about a week after I lost the auction for that P-100 note the seller offered me a 2nd chance offer on it at my max bid price - which happened to be the initial / starting bid price. This offer, combined with some other things that happened towards the end of those auctions, increases my suspicion that some shill bidding occurred. I went ahead and accepted the offer, because I did want the note and it was a good price for the grade in my opinion (which is the only one that matters in this case). While I do suspect shilling, even if I'm right, it only cost me $2-5 on $150 in purchases so I decided I'm just going to choose to ignore it for the most part.


In the course of dealing with that I noticed that the seller had listed some P-99 notes for auction as well. The first one was ending today in the early morning so I decided to go for it. Unlike the auctions from a couple of weeks ago I waited and big until close to the end. Curiously, I bid and won unopposed this time... A lesson for the future with this seller, I guess - assuming I choose to give him any more business after this.


While I suspect shenanigans, I think I got good prices, and picked up Superb Gem graded notes for less than it would have cost me to buy raw and get them graded myself. So I'm going to call it a win.

I have to laugh at myself just a little 1) for going ahead and getting the P-100 just a week after I "let it go," and 2) because, for a while now, I've been thinking that when I finally got one of the bond notes I would probably get both at the same time or very close together. With a 2 note set, it just feels wrong to only get one / it's too tempting to not get both. The appeal of having the pair - especially as a matched set in grade - is just too strong.



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Okay... Per a conversation I'm having today in the PMG Registry forum... It's looking like I did NOT get my Bond notes this week, but I'm going to have to look at the notes more when I get them in the mail soon.

Still happy with the purchase. Still happy to have them... but... It's starting to look like what I thought I bought and what I bought are 2 different things.

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Oh goodness, not sure that's good with the shill bidding plus notes that aren't quite as expected.  I know of some shenanigans with certain ebay sellers.  In the past it was much easier to see because you could find out the ebay ID of your competition--it's blocked now.  I once did a 'buy it now' only to have the seller return my payment with item 'no longer in stock.'  I thought I lost that one.  However, I won the exact same note (same PMG holder) a few weeks later on a Heritage auction and paid just a few dollars more than my eBay purchase price. After commission, the seller lost more than I, but Heritage did well.  Not shill bidding, but not a good practice to have a note on ebay that's consigned at auction elsewhere.  I've actually gotten some good deals from that seller just recently on eBay.

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1 hour ago, ddr70 said:

Oh goodness, not sure that's good with the shill bidding plus notes that aren't quite as expected.  

To the extent that they aren't as expected it's my fault for not paying attention to them being 2019 issues and not 2016/2017 issues and not noticing that they don't say "bond note" in the top corner. So what I thought was a bond note is actually a newer issue I wasn't previously aware of.

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