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After 40 years, the Zimbabwe dollar has gone full circle.



I read last year that Zimbabwe was going to have ANOTHER new currency coming to replace the RTGS dollar but then life and work got busy and I never really went back to look into the developments.

I've been making updates to my set(s) lately though and looking into the getting the P-99 and P-100 Bond notes and this got me thinking about the fact that I haven't been seeing or hearing anything about new notes or a new currency even though it's been about 6 months now.

It seems like they haven't released now physical paper money but they did roll out a "new" currency to replace the RTGS dollar..,. and it's called... The "Zimbabwe dollar," currency code ZWD! Which happens to be the same currency code used by the "1st dollar" that replaced the Rhodesian currency in 1980.

So, this gives us:

1st Dollar, ZWD (1980-2006)

2nd Dollar, ZWN (2006-2008)

3rd Dollar, ZWR (2008-2009)

4th Dollar, ZWL (2009)

Bond Notes - 1:1 USD peg (2016-2019)

RTGS Dollar, ZWL (2019) … because, I guess just calling it the 5th dollar would just be sad and they even re-used the old currency code...

Zimbabwe Dollar, ZWD (2019 - Probably DOA)

Some people clearly just don't know when to give up...

ZWD, to ZWN, to ZWR, to ZWL, and finally back to ZWD.

We are full circle - and they still have crazy-high inflation.



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