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When 91% finally, barely, beats 8%...



Somewhat inspired by ddr70's recent post about lowball sets, I thought I'd share this today, just for a laugh.

My new P-5b, P-7 and P-9 notes finally came out of quarantine today and I finally got the certification numbers to add to my set(s).

With the addition of these notes, my 91-92% complete set now finally beats Muzzer42's 8% complete set... by a whopping 3 points. lol 


Muzzer has a P-1d note in MS66 EPQ. The P-1d is the rarest and most valuable variety of the P-1 note. It's the only P-1 variety that I don't own.

I'm "winning" so hard he could go out at any time and buy any non-P-1 1st dollar note on the cheap and be beating me again. lol 

MKMITTAL79 continues to curb-stomp me with a 16% complete set that combines the relatively rare P-2e and P-3b. I still don't have any P-3 (only one I lack completely) and I have the much more common P-2c.

Now that these notes are out of quarantine I need to get them and my new 68 EPQ P-6 CD-prefix and get some pictures up soon.

Signature link for my main 1st dollar set (check it out if you want and haven't already):





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