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Pi Day has come and gone, but this post on National Bank Notes is here to stay!



Pi Day #piday is of course March 14th (or 3.14 [3/14], or “π”) followed shortly by the Whitman Coin Show in Baltimore and Spring!  I've been busy making a sub type signature set of my series 1882 Nationals.  sig.jpg

My 1882 sub types set is a work in progress.  Ever seen the Circus Poster variety on a $5 Brown Back??  Take a look.  If I'm missing a better way to designate these notes, please let me know.

OK, back to Pi Day.  Check out this Elk City note from Oklahoma with a charter date of... you guessed it, Pi Day!  It sports a nice 4 digit radar serial number as well and was previously in the Douglas Knight Collection.  Then there's my Bangor, PA note, also a Pi Day charter and a solid 8 Serial Number.

Perhaps I'll see ya in Charm City.

Nat'l $10 1902 PB Fr. 627 Elk City, OK The First NB Ch. # 9952_Radar9449_PMG20_Obv.jpg

Nat'l $10 1902 PB Fr. 634 Bangor, PA The First NB Ch. # 2659_SN_8888_PMG20_Obv.jpg



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Thanks and good to hear from you! 

Pi Day update:  Maryland has shut down all gatherings of people through at least the end of March due to the corona virus, so no spring show in Baltimore this year.  I have a Baltimore $5 red seal I was going to drop off for grading--maybe this summer.  If I get the grade I expect on that $5 RS, I'll move my MD type set from 36th to 22d place, moving slightly ahead of the Sheik Pittsburgh Ch #252 Same Signature Set :bump: (you need another Ch. 252 note Sheik :-). My 1902 Type set for MD is here:  sig.jpg

Stacks will auction the Garret example of an 1804 dollar with a high estimate of about $1.5 Million and one of just 15 known to exist.  If I could just get half that amount for any of my nationals with known estimates less than a dozen I'd be able to afford an 1804 dollar.  I'm happy to hold and admire my notes that were actually made to be used, unlike an 1804 dollar that wasn't minted until the 1830's.  I'd be fairly happy to have one of those dollars too to admire :-)  I should have shorted the market last month.

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