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Seasons Greetings with an appropriate National



Tis the season to share a national.  My first thought was to post a pic on one with a 25 December charter date, but alas, I don't have one.  So let me know if this one makes for a good seasonal journal entry.  I think it might even with a December 10, 1908 charter.  And feel free to add on.  Happy Holidays!

Nat'l $10 1902 PB Fr. 626 Bethlehem, PA The Bethlehem NB Ch. # 3961_Radar SN_2992_PMG25_OBV.jpg

Nat'l $10 1902 PB Fr. 626 Bethlehem, PA The Bethlehem NB Ch. # 3961_Radar SN_2992_PMG25_Rev.jpg



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It's either Speelman | White signatures or if just Nationals, these are so called "4th Charter" notes as the 20 years since their 3rd charter expired (in 1922) resulted in new plates with the Speelman | White signatures.  Congress stipulated that extended banks must issue 'distinctly different' notes.  Use of the current Treasury combo of Speelman and White was sufficiently 'distinctly different' (Congress didn't define distinctly different, so any difference ought to have sufficed)).  They also got to restart the serial numbers back to 1!  A few months later, the Act of July 1, 1922 extended lifetimes of all national banks for 99 years, thereby ending the need for a new series and creation of these "4th charter notes" ended to the chagrin (and joy) of this collector.  Or are you going for a 1-99 charter set?  Or perhaps 1-99 fourth charters?  I've got #11 :-)

Nat'l $5 1902 PB Fr. 609 Fort Wayne, IN First NB Ch. # 11_PMG25_Obv.jpg

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After a cursory population study in T&P I found with the exception of CH#9, it is possible to put together a single digit charter collection. Most of the 1-9 charters are fairly common although Ch #6 (Syracuse) has only 23 large notes extant (I have been waiting to use that word "extant" for a while). However, there are no reported notes, neither large or small, for the FNB of Dayton (Ch#9). On another note, here is one picked up from Lyn Knight ungraded, after coming back from the grade man. 


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That would be a nice present to find under ones tree.  I'll switch to small size back on holiday theme.

Nat'l $20 1929 Ty. 1 Bethlehem, PA The First NB Ch. # 138_PMG65EPQ_Obv.jpg

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Happy New Years!  See my New Castle, PA The Union NB Ch. # (E)8503 PMG25 $20 1902 PB Fr. 652 which renewed its charter on Dec. 31, 1906. An extremely scarce bank in both large and small size, with just nine large and four small examples reported to date. County seat of Lawrence County, 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and near the PA–Ohio border just 18 miles (29 km) east of Youngstown, Ohio.  Check it out here with PMG's note verification (which includes a very nice picture) https://www.pmgnotes.com/certlookup/8055906-007/25/ OR you can also find it in slot #15 in my signature set of "Two State nationals and misplaced towns"  sig.jpg 


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