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anyone have any information on Continental currency
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On 6/5/2024 at 10:16 PM, wickedladderman said:

i am curious if anyone has information on Continental currency, cant seem to find it in the list on the site. how do you put a value on it 


Can you post a picture of the back of the note.

Looks like it is Fr. # CC-43. I'm not seeing a ton of auction records for this type of note, based on what I've seen so far if I was going to take a guess as to the value I would say $300-$500. Maybe higher.


There is a PMG graded F12 for sale at $280, your note seems to be in better condition than F12. https://colonialhub.com/inventory/p/continental-currency-frcc-43-july-22-1776-6-pmg-12-scarce

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On 6/6/2024 at 12:36 PM, wickedladderman said:

yeah most definitely, i really do appreciate you helping me out with this note. ive noticed that the note has like crystal like flakes in it or something like that


Muscovite (mica) flakes were added to the paper, presumably to strengthen it and later as an anti-counterfeiting feature. I'm assuming that is what you are seeing.

The note looks to be in a little worse shape than I originally thought, I'm thinking $300 - $500 is about right, but, if this was my note, I'd do some further research into it and look for notes in similar condition to yours that have recently sold or are being offered for sale, Heritage, Stack's Bowers, ebay, etc., are good places to start. I'd also do some research into the signatures to see if they add any value. 

One more thing, there are many, many, contemporary counterfeits of Continental Currencies, many of them are known with areas to look for on the note to determine if it is an authentic piece or not. If it's a contemporary counterfeit it would still have some value, just not as much as an original note. I would be looking for information on that as well.

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I don't collect Continental Currency but I'd start with the below reference, not sure if there is signature info in their or not. There are lots of other references on these and probably a few good sites on the web dedicated to CC.


I'd probably get this one too if I collected or was interested in these.


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