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so i have this PMG of Japanese 10 Yen SB149 ND (1945) watermark: kiri leaves #56c graded 58
only 1 graded/listed PMG in the population report.

is it a very rare/limited PMG ? just because it's a 1 of 1 in the catalog? i did a little research on google, and it says that this 10 Yen was used in World War II.
i need help, how much is it in estimation? because when i clicked the price guide, it changed to 1944 ND (i think it's not the same?)

thankyou! cheers387844.thumb.jpg.e961227205919ab54696448da8fef6a7.jpg387845.thumb.jpg.50716ab39580eedd2dc316853c158aa2.jpg

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I'm not very familiar with Japanese notes but it does not appear to be rare ungraded, similar notes are available for $7 -$15 on ebay.

The PMG price guide seems to be in the ballpark on this one. It does list 1944 as the common date for that base Pick # (56) but if you scroll down to your notes exact Pick # (56c) you will see that it has a notation on the Kiri leaf Watermark being a 1945 issue. It would seem that the $35 dollar evaluation of a note graded 60 is probably pretty close. A population of 1 in the PMG report is not necessarily an indication of rarity.


Not sure who/what the Lin Zhan Wei Collection is or if the additional information below the provenance will add a premium or value to the note. If you do some further research into that information you may find that the note is worth more. Hopefully I'm wrong and in further researching your note you find something unique about it.

Good Luck to you.

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