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This note from a seller is shown as being facing upright in the holder

but when I verified the certification number in your database, the picture shows the note as upside-down in the holder  

can I confirm this note has been reholdered so the note facing direction is UP ?

pictures attached - the certification number is shown (6024099-017)

appreciate a quick reply. Thanks




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  • Administrator

Hello, thanks for your message.  We do not have record of the note coming back in for a reholder.  The last image we have of the note does show it holdered with the note upside down.  You might want to double check that with the seller on this one to make sure it has not been tampered with.

Thank you,

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Thanks for reply. 

Is it possible that PMG encapsulated it, then took picture for database. Then realized the mistake saw it was upside-down. And reholdered it without updating the photo.. before sending it back to the submitter ?

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