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I collect nationals.  I have a few notes that have "Signature type stamped" or penned on the back of the holder.  Is it possible to add the actual names of the bank officers?  Kelley does record bank officers' names for some banks.  Is there anything else i could request on to be added on the back (i.e. do you have a pick list)?  thanks!

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Good afternoon. Thanks for your message. You can get those added to the label for an $8 variety fee.  If you wanted to send those back in it would be $10 for the reholder + $8 for the variety fee.  We don't have a specific list but are open to suggestions.  As long as it is factual and pertains to the note there is a strong change of that getting put on the label.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.  Thank you!


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