Note returned from grading with PMG but not incapsulated not suitable for incspsulation???

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This note that was returned was a very nice and fairly crisp 1957 B. SC that was being graded as an error note (Offset Printing error) the # it was given was 8048860-020 it gives me no explanation except under faq but it says under this designation that the note is so damaged that they can’t begin to authenticate??? It is probsbly a 55 grade if not better. Can anyone help me understand what the issue is with this note? From what I understand if it is fake it would have been under a different designation. Thank you for any help you can give. 

Nick R. 

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Good morning.  I did check to see if there were any additional comments for that note and it looks like there was a large amount of PVC damage on this note which prevented us from grading it.  You would be refunded all but a $5 fee for this note.  If you have any other questions, you can reach our customer service department at 877-764-5570.  Thank you!

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