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  1. David, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It's good to know that I am not alone in supporting a "Bank of England 1928-present" set. Your comments on affordability are on the mark, in my opinion. In my email to PMG outlining the benefits of a 1928-present set, I also brought up the outright lack of availability of many pre-World War I notes, the high denomination White Notes in particular. Even if someone had a pile of unlimited cash to build a set, it may still be impossible to complete the 1902-present set, as most of the few surviving higher denomination notes reside only in museum collections. Personally, I believe the collecting community would benefit from the creation of both a "Bank of England 1928-Present Type Set (issued Notes)" and a "Bank of England 1928-Present Type Set with varieties (Issued Notes)" to help improve set completion chances, affordability, and coverage of varieties (such as the p374 example). In any event, I thank Ali and PMG for their help with and consideration of these requests. Best regards, Billy
  2. Thank you for your comment, David. I have also asked PMG to created new registry sets to specifically separate out Bank of England notes from 1928-present (as opposed to only including them with the Great Britain 1902-Date "Master" set. I am curious on your thoughts about having these additional Modern-Period Registry Sets. Best Regards, Billy
  3. Hello again PMG, Concerning banknotes from Great Britain, I would love to see the addition of several denomination-specific competitive sets in the Registry. For example: Bank of England, £5 notes, complete with varieties or Great Britain, Treasury and Bank of England, £1 notes, complete with varieties. Or something along those lines. There are many of these denomination-specific competitive sets for United States banknotes, and I believe they would work just as well for such a widely collected category such as banknotes from Great Britain. Is there a more formal way to propose the addition of these competitive sets, or is this the way to do it? Thanks for your time and consideration. Best regards, Billy
  4. Hello again PMG, A slot for the following note should be added to the "Small Size Federal Reserve Note $1 Set" Registry Set: Fr# 3005-E* 2017A $1 Green (FW) Carranza Mnuchin FW Richmond *Star* note There is a slot for the non-star note (Fr# 3005-E), but not this star note, which is a key to the series. Also, I'd like to know when slots for the Series 2021 $1 notes will be added to this Registry Set. Thanks for your help! Regards, Billy
  5. Hello all, I'd like to ask for your opinions concerning a Great Britain Registry Set. Does anyone else feel that the following notes should be removed as "slots" in the "Great Britain 1902-Date, Type Set, Issued Notes" Registry Set because they are Unissued Notes? In my opinion, unissued notes should not be part of an "Issued Notes" registry set: * 5 Shillings 1919 ND First Issue P352 T27 ND (1919) 5/- Shillings - Sign. N.K.W. Fisher- Unissued GBR352 * 1 Shilling 1919 ND Second Issue P353 T29 ND (1919) 1/- Shilling - Sign. N.K.W. Fisher- Unissued GBR353 * 2 Shillings - 6 Pence 1940-41 ND Emergency Issue P364 B254 ND (1941) 2/- Shillings 6 Pence Sign. K.O. Peppiatt- Unissued GBR364 * 5 Shillings 1940-41 ND Emergency Issue P365 B253 ND (1941) 5/- Shillings Sign. K.O. Peppiatt- Unissued GBR365 I've submitted this issue to PMG for review and will be awaiting their reply, but I also wanted to send out this request for opinions from the Forum group, too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please let me know if you agree or why I am wrong. Again, my justification for the request for removal is that Unissued notes should not hold slots in an "Issued Notes" Registry set, such as this one is. Best Regards, Billy