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Baby (I) Did A Bad Bad Thing (Part 3)

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Fenntucky Mike


Written 8/7

The auction for the 30 Shahiv banknote ended and I didn't place a bid :fear:, with only one bidder and a $158 starting price I just couldn't justify the risk of bidding and ending up with this note. That's not to say the note was not worth the price, Top Pop, it's the harder to find "b" variety with the Gray-Violet ink and it's the only note of this variety currently graded (all pluses) but I just couldn't do it. The note just didn't have the good vibrant ink/color that I would like to have with this note, (although the Gray-Violet version is notoriously light when it comes to color) no EPQ designation was a drawback as well but wasn't necessarily the determining factor, I just wanted a note with more color.

30 Shahiv Obv PMG.jpg

30 Shahive Rev PMG.jpg



The 30 Shahiv note concluded the seller's auctions of all their listed Ukrainian notes, all 4 Shahiv notes sold, the 100 & 250 Karbovantsiv notes did not and the seller has since relisted them. The 100 Karbovantsiv at a Buy Now price and the 250 is again up for auction with a starting bid of $138. I'm watching both and neither will sell, I think, although I did receive an offer from the seller of $10 off on the 100. hm The Shahiv notes all sold for pretty good money especially the 10 Shahiv, :devil:  and now I'm just waiting for the seller to hopefully list the next four in the near future.


On a side note the 40 Shahiv I won showed up and it's a real beauty with better than expected ink. :cloud9: It's only graded 35 but I think it's strong for the grade, similar to how I though the 30 Shahiv looked weak for it's grade. When is a Fourth Party going to show up with fancy stickers to place on the holders to make these determinations? lol Like CAC for banknotes, lol it will probably happen in the future, if it hasn't already. 



Now, the agony of waiting in anticipation of the second set of Shahiv notes.:frustrated:

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