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Baby (I) Did A Bad Bad Thing (Part 4)

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Fenntucky Mike


Written 9/11

On Friday (9/3) the 10 & 20 Shahiv notes showed up in a registry set, followed by a slot being added to the Registry and the 30 Shahiv being added to the same set on Tuesday (9/7). As I suspected, one of my fellow Ukrainian collectors in the Registry picked up 3 of the 4 notes (myself having acquired the fourth), the 10 & 30 Shahiv having sold for moon money ($281 & $158 respectively) and the 20 Shahiv selling for considerably less. I had purchased the 40 Shahiv (PMG 35) for $43. One of the strange things about this odyssey so far is that the winning bidder ID for the three notes I did not win, and are now all currently residing in the same registry set, is different for each auction but all three ID's have the same amount of positive feedback. Even the 30-Day Bid History is identical.? I'm not sure if this due to some sort of sniping software or something similar meant to give a bidder an advantage. I guess I never understood the need to do such things, I get waiting to place a snipe bid but even doing that has mixed results both good and bad. In the end you need to determine what you value something at and place that bid at the opportune moment. :devil:

So far my "predictions" have been on the money, the last piece of the puzzle, the most critical piece to my (hopefully) acquiring all of the Shahiv notes, is that the ebay seller has and will soon list the other graded Shahiv notes. :wishluck: If not then :cry: but even if the other Shahiv notes graded at the same time as the first batch listed don't become available I still would not have acquired the 10 & 30 notes as I was not willing to pay the prices the notes sold for. So instead of spending BIG money I picked a few notes to add to my collection.;)

They were all under $40 and one day might end up at PMG for grading. The are all AU - EF and didn't put a hit on my wallet. ^^

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