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Operation Sunrise and Zombie Dollars



So, apparently "Operation Sunrise" has been used as the name for military operations in WWII and the Vietnam War, but it was also the name given to the RBZs and Zimbabwe's "plan"  in 2005 to bring inflation under control by cutting 3 zeroes off the currency and make the 2nd dollar in the 1st redenomination. I say "plan" because I don't know why they ever thought it would work. But the release of the 2nd Dollar Bearer Checks were the first part of Zimbabwe's "Operation Sunrise."

I've always tried to make my main competitive sets for my Zimbabwe collection do a decent / respectable job of standing alone as individual sets an not just as competitive chunks of "Gradually, then Suddenly." I think I've mostly achieved that with the First Dollars, the 3rd Dollars (and sub sets thereof), the 4th dollars and the "new" / modern Z dollars, but I think the 2nd dollars lost out and got the short end of the stick with presentation. I've been doing a bit of work to go back and fix that - building out the set description better and finally taking more advantage of the fact that note descriptions in competitive and signature sets can be different to allow me to make the 2nd dollar set "stand alone" better. As part of this re-vamp I'm renaming the set "Operation Sunrise."

I feel like that has to be one of the more ironic names. That set / series wasn't the dawn of a new day. It just be came the first in a long series of failed attempts at a reboot of the national currency.

On that note, I've also changed the name on my New dollars set from "Zimbabwe Dollars Reborn" to "Zimbabwean Zombie Dollars," because that currency is surely the monetary version of the walking / shuffling dead.



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I spent some time writing on my Word File last night and this morning I posted up some new descriptions for P-37 to P-49 that talk about things like Operation Maguta, Operation Murambatsvina, Operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle, Operation Reduce Prices, Operation Chikorokoza Chapera, and Operation Mavhoterapapi. I'm hoping a lot of this will add a lot of the historical context and backdrop with the set and extend some of that discussion from the 1st dollar notes (P-1 to P-12) and bridge the gap with some of what I have on the 3rd, 4th and New dollars.

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24 minutes ago, ddr70 said:

Neat, maybe you can add timeframes to the Zimbabwean Ops???  :D

I'd have to look into it more for duration on some of them. I tried to include in the comments for most / all when they started. Some were shorter duration (Murambatsvina and Reduce Prices) and some apparently lasted for years (like Maguta).

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3 hours ago, ddr70 said:

Neat, maybe you can add timeframes to the Zimbabwean Ops???  :D

I managed to find a little more on how long Murambatsvina and Maguta ran and those programs in general and I've incorporated those into ZIM37 and ZIM38. 

But this lead me to learn from a research paper that apparently they had programs in 1983, 2007 and I think 2011 targeted specifically at curbing prostitution and detaining unescorted women... Debating on whether or not to incorporate some of that information. I wonder if those in the government had enough self-awareness to think that, if there was an up-tick in prostitution, they were probably the indirect causes of it.

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4 hours ago, Revenant said:

I've wedged images of my gas ration coupons into my signature set using a P-15 certification number. :D That at least gets images of those into the set.

HA. They look good, probably the best hack that can be done under the circumstances. 

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