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Know when to Walk Away

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Fenntucky Mike


Well, I can talk about this now that I'm out and the auction is almost over. A seldom seen Ukrainian bank note popped up for auction recently ( A PICK # 50!), it was in a PMG holder and was in good condition. I felt this was a good time (for me) to place a fairly serious bid on the note, I placed a minimum bid on it last week Wednesday, I was outbid by Friday then waited and bid again yesterday. My last bid was over the auction estimate but was not strong enough as I didn't overtake the current bidder. I thought long and hard about continuing to bid but I decided to put this note on hold, similar to the 50 Hryven Commemorative note (Pick 125) that I've been continually kicking down the road. Once again the main argument to myself is "more is better", meaning that there are several Ukrainian bank notes out there right now that will make for a more complete collection. As I've said previously this is one of two key notes in the series, this and  P125, are note/s I may never get. I don't feel nearly as torn passing on this note as I have on the P125, probably because the P125 is constantly staring me in the face. It's too bad, because this is an awesome note with a great story. We'll meet again Pick 50, oh we'll meet again but right now I just have to walk away.

Here is the 1942, 2 Karbowanez note, it's a beauty.


A brief synopsis of the story behind the note is. The note was printed and loaded onto pallets and into boxcars of an awaiting train. The train departed and was in transit from Germany to Ukraine when it was attacked and destroyed (including almost all of the notes) by Ukrainian partisans. If I ever acquire this note I'll do a proper write up on it.. Someday.:)

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Yeah... But then I do periodically kick myself for not fighting a little harder for that P-77 and that P-3... Not really... but also kinda yes. It is so annoying when you are 1 note away from finishing a major block... No matter how expensive it is. 

Too bad that one got away from you - but buyers' remorse only gets worse over time. ALWAYS.

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6 minutes ago, Revenant said:

but buyers' remorse only gets worse over time. ALWAYS.

LOL, no doubt.

I figure I'll have several more opportunities in the future to try again on this note. Hard to justify dumping that amount of cash on a collectable right now, although I do still have my stimulus check laying around somewhere. hmmm

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