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The Shiek

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CH #252

Sheik Sheck


I am trying to complete a set from one national bank set. I chose the First National Bank of Pittsburgh (Ch #252) because I originally bought an ungraded 1902 $5 Plain Back. It graded 35 EPQ and the signature of the bank president Lawrence Saunders is a wonderful signature. Also, this is a common bank with many notes so I thought the chances of getting most of the denominations would be better. It's not as easy as I thought. I rarely see the large denomination notes for sale. If anyone can help, I am BUYING CH #252's. Notice the the cashier was C.C. Taylor on the large notes and is also the same cashier on the small Type 1 notes! C.C must have worked at the bank as a cashier for many years. Anyone else trying to do a collection like this??




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I have a Warren, PA collection, also not a difficult note to find and it's close to Pittsburgh.  I like first name towns although the town was named for a general with a last name of Warren.  For Charter 4879, there are at least two Cashier/President signature combos (R.W. Mackay and F.E. Hertzel; N. C. Gill and F.E. Hertzel) on series 1902 PBs.  I only have a $5 note in a PMG holder; it's in a signature set.  I plan to submit at least the $10 one day.

Nat'l $10 1902 PB Fr. 629 Warren, PA The Warren NB Ch. # 4879_F-VF_Obv.jpg

Nat'l $5 1902 PB Fr. 603 Warren PA The Warren National Bank_Fine_Obv.jpg

Nat'l $5 1902 PB Fr. 603 Warren PA The Warren National Bank_PMG35EPQ_Obv.jpg

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I picked up some more Warren's Type 1. I hoe I am not stomping on your territory. I like the way Hertzel's signature has 3 dots below the signature line on the large and small types. Very easy to recognize. 



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The Warren National Bank was a prolific issuer for a small Western PA town.  My wife has to convince me that I can't own them all.  For some reason it took me 7 months to see your notes posted here--quite nice!  I'm looking for a Type 2 on Charter 4879.  My recent submissions just moved up one notch in the PMG queue for grading.  They may be home before the new year (and posted to my signature set on the Warren NB.

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