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The Shiek

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1875 NBN Paris, IL Graded

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Sheik Sheck


I finally had it graded. I picked the note up for a very nice price ungraded. There are several notes that were preserved with about the same serial number range so the lack of extreme rarity makes these notes of less value. I have seen several of the CH# 1555 in $10 and $20 denominations sold at auction. They are always graded and always seem to be AU or Unc with the EPQ designation. So, as I have posted before, these type of notes are not graded for a reason and here is it this time. When I received the note, it was clearly AU or Unc so I thought it had probably been flattened. This time it did not grade NET but it was commented as "Previously Mounted" I always thought that meant it was in another holder and cut out and sent without the previous holder to another grading service. Matarcat showed a CGA $50 note mounted in a CGA 62....he cut it out sent it to PMG and was delighted it came back as a PMG 63. I wondered why they didn't put "Previously Mounted" on his note. So I called PMG. Maybe I am educating some of you. "Previously Mounted" was detected as remnant of adhesive on the corners which was probably because the note was in a frame or something like that with adhesive tape or something to hang it. I checked the corners before I sent it and I could not see any problems but PMG did. I asked them not to place it but they said they had to. Can anyone see the presence of adhesive on the corners? Anyway it graded out as 62, not EPQ. A mixed blessing. I don't think I lost money but I don't thin it is super valuable like I had hoped for. Moral of story...buy an ungraded note, and you may get lucky and get a fantastic grade making the note worth far more than you paid, but if you buy a relatively rare, expensive, especially old note ungraded, it is probably for a reason. How many experts looked at this note under magnification, saw the remnants of adhesive and balked on purchasing or sending it for grading because they know it was worth more ungraded? On another note, I am so disappointed in this Journal board. I hoped it would be active and teach us all a lot. Instead, I post more than anyone, rarely get a response and when writing, feel like this hobby is so obscure, it's all a waste of time. Anyway, here are the images. 



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Great note! Use a black light on the back of the note. This may reveal where the note was mounted. Even though this is only a scan I may see hints of a previous mounting on the back at the lower left. The journals are well meaning, but most of the currency collectors post on message boards like www.papermoneyforum.com you will get much more feedback there.

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