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Im new to collecting star notes and have done some research on the BEP production numbers at their web site, and I have some questions is anyone can help. For the New York Reserve printed in Washington there are 3 different months that the BEP shows production of * notes. First printed was 320,000 notes serial #s 3,200,001-3,520,000, then 3,200,000 notes printed with serial # 6,400,001-9,600,000 and last 1,920,000 notes with serial # 9,600,001-11,520,000. Just counting the serial #s one comes up with 5,440,000 printed notes. Does that mean there are only that many printed or did the BEP miss something and there are 11,520,000 notes printed? Also, the BEP does not list any "A" or Boston star notes printed for the 2003S series, yet on Ebay, there is auctions for them? Can someone explain how someone knows just how many star notes are printed for each reserve bank?

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