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Out of curiosity - counterfeits

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I don't know if PMG track this, but as a collector it would be interesting to know.

What percent of banknotes submitted to PMG for grading are rejected as counterfeits?

What is the most common counterfeited country?

What is the most common counterfeited banknote that is submitted?

If you don't have an answer that is okay.  I thought that would be something you would track and let collectors to watch out for.

Thank you,

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Good morning,

Thank you for your message.  Unfortunately, we don't keep statistics like that.  If there is a particular note that has a large number of counterfeits out there then we may decide not to grade that note at all.  Counterfeits can be found from virtually any country.  You may want to check our website as we have numerous articles regarding counterfeits.  If you enter the word counterfeit in the search bar it will bring up lots of articles that might provide some helpful information. Thank you!

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Thank you for the reply.   That is unfortunate that you do not keep track of counterfeits or have a counterfeit database, I thought there would be one in order to "red flag" submitted banknotes.  Such a database would help reduce the spread of counterfeits and would greatly benefit the banknote community as a whole. It would be pretty easy to setup. I wonder what would happen if all the grading services had a common counterfeit database that was accessible to everyone or at least to the other grading services.

Thank you for the information and the reply.

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