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Trying to do my first submission. VERY FRUSTRATING!! I can't find a YouTube video or an example of a form as a guide.

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My initial submission has about 73 notes.  The idea is to submit 72 as bulk and one as a standard up to $3,000 in value.  The lone bill up to $3,000 in value is NL88888888B and appears to be the ONLY bill that fulfills the FANCY category.  Several bills are CLOSE but do not fulfill the strict definitions.  This bill's serial number looks similar the Indian Rupee bill labeled "Super Solid 8's" because it is solid and a rotator bill but there is a $5 premium to get that label put on the bill so I have several questions about the form for this bill.  In box 6, there is a section for special label.  I want to use design 0162.  Is this where I select that?  Supposedly, 0162 is free, not $5.  In box 9, there is the catalog number.  Do I put "fr#7000-L" there like that?  The serial number is NL88888888B.  Do I put that entire number there?  If so, what is the space PP/Block?  Is that supposed to have "NLB" put in it?  In space Variety/Pedigree, the charge is $8 for variety and $5 for Pedigree, unfortunately, the charge to have "Super Solid 8's" is a $5 upcharge yet Pedigree seems to refer to being part of a well known collection so WHERE do I request "Super Solid 8's"???? 

71 of the notes appear to be of the Friedberg 7000-L NLB block (2017-$20 bill serial numbers NL88888008B to NL88890888B) and the other lone one appears to be of the Friedberg 2097-B MBE Block (MB54700547E).  The instructions indicate that you need to submit the notes in the order they are labeled on the form.  FINE BUT this part is really confusing!!  Some of the 71 notes have consecutive order serial numbers but not 50 of them, only about 20 of them.  Do they get charged $12 per bill on those and the others charged at $14 per bill??  Do I fill out 72 lines or just 2 lines?  IF I only fill out 2 lines, do I put for the 71 notes "Varies" for the serial number space and IF SO, do I label my bills with a white label on the sleeve from 1 to 72?  How do I label the bills?  I am not comfortable putting 10 bills to each sleeve because they are new bills.  I would prefer to do 1 bill per sleeve.  Is that OK??  The value square gets tricky too.  If 71 bills are put on one line, do I add up the value of each of the bills and divide by 71 to get the average cost of the bill or do I put the total of all 71 bills in the "value" space?  Some are close to $300 each and others are worth less than that by my "guess".  Another fun part is how to request my sleeves back.  It looks like I go to box 8 and check "Return Packaging" and it looks like my charge would be $10 for 2 forms plus the shipping weight difference.  It looks like insurance will be $15,000 to $25,000 guess off the top of my head without doing the math for 31 to 100 bills which indicates that the insurance cost will be $75 TOTAL.

In summary:

1.  Do I use just 2 forms like I think?  One for the Super Solid 8's and the other for the rest?

2.  Do I list every bill in the bulk group or use 2 lines.  If I use 2 lines only, do I do one for the oddball 2013 bill and the other 71 bills on the other line?  Is the value square filled with the TOTAL value or an average value of the 71 bills?

3.  Does my request of label 0162 for the 15 year label that is supposed to be free put in box 6?

4.  Does my request for the designation "Super Solid 8's" with a $5 charge go in the "Variety/Pedigree" box?

5.  If I am going to use USPS, I am assuming that I don't need an account with USPS to have my package insured.  Is that right?

6.  How much do I pay for my bulk bills submission per bill when some are consecutive serial numbers and others have gaps?  Do I need to break out the 71 bills into blocks of consecutive vs. NOT consecutive with, maybe 18 lines?  One block is 10 consecutive while there are multiple blocks with just 2 or 3 in a row.

7.  It looks to me like 71 bills with insurance for $15,000 to $25,000 is $75 plus whatever it costs to ship including the cost to have my sleeves returned which appears to be an additional $10 for 2 forms.

8.  On my white label on my sleeves, do I put a number of 1 to 72 on them only? or do I need to put more information on the little white label?

To those wondering why I am having so many of these bills graded when it was recommended that I grade just NL88888880B to NL88888889B, it is because the solid number is 8 so a bill like NL88888168B that would have little value to a currency collector, has SUBSTANTIAL value to an Oriental person who is very number superstitious.  88888168 basically means "Easy wealth all the way" in NEON LIGHTS.  88888848 basically means wealth for 888888 lifetimes.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of counterfeit bills on the market so many Oriental buyers are really suspicious of bills.  Having them professionally graded and logged eliminates that headache for those bills and the surrounding bills.  I intend to make money on several hundred of these bills of which only about 40 or so have value to your average currency collector because of the mathematical odds of finding bills like these in their condition.  In theory, I make enough money selling the less desirable bills so that I can justify keeping NL88888880B to NL88888889B.  In a perfect world, I make enough on the bulk of the bills to leave me the special block of 10 and a few other nice bills like 88888444 to trade for something I like but do not want to buy.

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In case anyone is wondering, I am filling out the paper copy forms but I DID look at the online form as a way to see if some of my questions can be answered.  The fields do not show the proper way to enter answers for example:  It doesn't seem to care whether I put "fr#7000-L" or "7000" or "Dog" in the space wanting Friedberg or pick number.  The form assumes I have done this before and know what is acceptable and what is not.  It was designed by someone who has filled out many forms before vs. someone who worked with several novices to iron out issues of question.  I specifically CHOSE the written form because it allows more space to elaborate on anything that I have questions about like where I put 0162 to request the free,15 year, label OR how I request "Super Solid 8's".  Maybe that is in the Pedigree space but it looked like Pedigree referred to being from a known collection. 

That online form reminded me of a do it yourself cabinet setup that I did about 2 years ago.  The designers, designed the cabinet and someone TOTALLY SEPARATE from the designers listed the assembly.  At one point, there were lots of little screws to attach the 1/8" compressed cardboard back to the frame.  The person who wrote the assembly instructions noticed the same thing that I did and that was that you couldn't screw in those screws because of the materials and size of the screw so he instructed to hammer in the screws.  The form needs to be adequately tested to be sure that the intended answers to the questions are provided.  This speeds up the process for everyone.  I have a lot of bills to submit and it is my first submission so accuracy matters.  When I design databases, I have end users who go through them to ensure that data is intuitively entered.

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  • Administrator


Thanks for your message.  I'll try to answer your questions here as best I can but it might benefit you to call our customer service department and speak with a rep directly.  You can reach us Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm at 877-764-5570.  

1. You would need to complete separate forms for different grading tiers, if you have U.S. and World notes, or if you have Fancy serial numbers.

2.  You will need to list all notes on the submission form.  If you have multiples of the same note, you can put them all on one line and just enter the correct quantity.

3.  The 15th anniversary labels are free for the rest of this year.  You would enter that in section 6 under Special Label.

4.  We list fancy serial numbers automatically.  There is no charge for that.

5.  You can ship your package to us using whatever carrier you prefer.  We do recommend you insure your package.  You should check with your carrier for more details on insurance.

6.  You would only qualify for Bulk Consecutive pricing if all the serial numbers were consecutive.  If they are not, then you would have to put them under Bulk vintage or Bulk Modern depending on the date of the notes. 

7.  You can find the registered mail chart for return shipping here: https://www.pmgnotes.com/resources/pdf/pmg-return-shipping-fees.pdf?cb=2018-12-13

8.  The label you list on your individual notes would be the invoice number and the line number.  

Thank you!

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Thank you very much but when you write "If you have multiples of the same note", what is the definition of that?  Do you mean if I have two notes with consecutive serial numbers or two numbers like this "NL88888824B and NL88888827B" they are considered multiples of the same note?  Also, on the 4 carbon form, how is that possible to list them on the same line?  The space only accommodates about 1 or two serial numbers.  Was putting all serial numbers on one line meant for the online form? 

In the Pick number/Friedberg space, does the number need to be listed exactly like this "Fr#7000-L"?

Concerning fancy numbers, yes, you will list "Solid 8's" for free but your site has this written for a special category "Super Pedigree":

 "Another exception is when the serial number can qualify for more than one special pedigree. Such as in the case where the serial number is A1A0000001: PMG will only notate serial number 1 for free. Yes, this is also a Super Binary-Radar-Rotator as well. The customer would need to request the super pedigree on the submission form for a $5 charge in order to have both pedigrees. Below are two different types of super fancy serial numbers." 

One of the examples includes solid 8's because it is solid AND a rotator bill.  How do I request "Super Solid 8's"? I got the impression that the "Pedigree" space on submission form was for something like "From the such and such collection".  Is this space ALSO for a bill that qualifies as a Super Bill?

I appreciate your help.  You answered some of the questions.  If you don't feel comfortable answering these questions then I can call the number.

Thank you.

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