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New Solid Fancy Set Found in ATM. Trying To Decide Options

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I hit the MOTHERLOAD of luck!  I was at my ATM and I like brand new notes so I pay more attention to them.  By some weird freak, they had the 1,000 block starting with 88888.  At first, I had no idea that solid notes command such a premium.  I just wanted the 88888888 because I thought the bill was cool.  I do collect coins and notes but I'm not real serious so I go to coin shows to buy a few things that I like in my price range.  Anyway, I knew enough about currency to look up the values and I nearly had a heart attack especially since lots of 8's are highly valued in many Asian cultures.  At first, I took about 5 to 10 of the notes starting with 888888 and deposited them into another account....:(  After I realized what I had, I started withdrawing the notes to my withdraw limit which I thought was just $500 so I missed sections of notes.  At the end, I was withdrawing my max limit on this bankcard and my other bank accounts cards there too, absorbing the ATM fee for non-member banks until the notes ran out.  These are the best of the notes for both collectors or Asians.  Numerology in Chinese can be difficult in combos.  8 and 6 are obviously good and 4 is obviously bad yet 54 is pretty good and 848 represents "Wealth for 8 lifetimes" even though 4 represents "death".

I am trying to figure out which notes to grade and which ones not to grade.  Obviously, 88888888 should be graded but I'd think ALL the notes from 88888880 to 88888889 should be graded.  A few of these are near double quads like 88888777 and 88888666 and then there is a note like 88888168 which tends to mean "Easy wealth all the way"

Apparently, I can only upload some of the bills so I picked a variety.  I have binaries and near double quads as well as 6 8's followed by numbers like 44 or 55 or 77.

Besides deciding which bills to grade, I am trying to figure out how to reach out to the Asian community to sell the notes that would be less interesting to currency collectors like 88888237 which is a bill with the lucky numbers for horse, one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and 88888168 which means "Easy wealth all the way"

One of the bills is 88888765.  Is this called a "Solid ladder"?  Is this bill especially desirable?

Thank you for any help





















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On 7/10/2020 at 7:34 PM, Gnat said:

Congratulations on the Solid 8. Absolutely fantastic find in the "wild."

Thank you Gnat!  This brought up an interesting question for me.  The mathematical odds of getting a solid number is 11,000,000 to 12,000,000 to one depending upon whether 99999999 is considered since newer series only go to 96,000,000.  This is the theoretical odds but I keep hearing that people pay banks for bricks of notes so I wonder what the practical odds are of bills like this making it into an ATM machine?  Is it still the same probability of an average Joe like me finding one or are the odds longer because series like these get intercepted before they make it to individual banks.

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