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Protecting PMG Holders from Fire

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Sorry for the nerdy question but I'm wondering what will happen should my PMG holders be in a fire.  Will the paper currency begin to char before the holder begins to melt or vice-versa?  Most "fireproof" safes/boxes use the UL 350 standard that tests safes for how long they can be held in a fire of a given temperature before reaching an internal temp of 350 degrees F - the assumed temp at which paper begins to char.  If the holder begins to melt above 350 deg Fahrenheit then it is not the limiting factor and I can plan a certain level of protection for my notes, but if lower than 350 then understanding how to protect notes from a fire is less clear if it is the case that the note itself survives but it is now coated in melted mylar or whatever material the holders are made from. 

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  • Administrator

Good morning, 

Thanks for your message.  The holder can certainly melt and/or warp if exposed to high temperatures.  Warping of the holder can happen even just being left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.  We do not have a specific melting temperature we could provide to you, however.  We can only advise to keep your notes in as much of a climate and temperature controlled environment you can.  A fireproof safe would certainly provide some protection, but we could not say that no damage would occur to your notes, if they were in an actual fire in that case.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.  Thanks!

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