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What's the difference between "Gem Uncirculated" and "Crisp Uncirculated"

The reason I ask has to do with the below article:

In 1973, strained relations with the Middle East resulted in an U.S. oil embargo! As supplies dwindled and gas prices skyrocketed, agitated Americans waited in long lines for gasoline, only to be turned away by the "No Gas" sign. The U.S. government urged conservation while they prepared for the worst. In 1974, they printed 4.8 billion gas ration coupons as part of a planned rationing system. However, because the gas crisis soon passed, these coupons were never used.

Three series of coupons, “A” “B” and “C” were produced. “A” coupons were printed from January 25 to February 25, 1974. “B” coupons were printed from March 17 to March 27, 1974. “C” coupons were printed from February 24 to March 20, 1974.

In June 1984 the Energy Department ordered all but 2 sheets of coupons destroyed by shredding and burying the gasoline rationing coupons at the Pueblo Army Depot in Pueblo, CO.  But some of those intended to be destroyed found their way to the public. Two were even confiscated by the Secret Service! No longer pursued by the government, one of these coupons, in Crisp Uncirculated condition, fetched $1,350.00 at auction on February 29, 2000.


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Good morning, thanks for your message.

'Crisp uncirculated' in the context of this article is just a generalized term and is not one that is used specifically by PMG. At PMG we use four different terms to distinguish Uncirculated grades from one another. In ascending order, they are: Uncirculated (60-62) ,Choice Uncirculated (63-64), Gem Uncirculated (65-66), and Superb Gem Uncirculated (67+). 'Crisp Uncirculated' is a term we don't use and shouldn't be confused or used in place of one of the terms we use to describe the varying degrees of uncirculated notes. 
You can find our grading scale here: which might provide some additional information. 
Thank you!
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