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No, unfortunately not.  Now, you can enter a valid PMG number for a given slot and upload pictures of your PCGS note--i.e. a bit of trickery. You will get points for the PMG numbers grade, not the PCGS grade. 

For my signature sets (signature sets are not competitive).  I have a few postcard pictures of national banks that I use as the Reverse while the front has the note from that national bank.  One of the notes in my Warren National Bank Signature set displays a postcard picture of the bank.  In this case I have the note in a PMG holder but chose to display the postcard as the notes reverse.  The set is here:  the fourth note has the postcard view of the bank.  I have one Warren National Bank note in a PCGS holder, but choose not to trick the system to display it, although it would be very easy to do so using any valid PMG number in a signature set.  



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