$2 FRN with FDOI postmark and stamp

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PMG official,

My grandfather gave me a $2 FRN  with a First Day Of Issue postmark and stamp years ago (please see attachment). Is there any special designation that PMG will place on the encapsulated note once it is graded? In your opinion does the stamp and postmark devalue or increase the value of the note? Any other comments would be appreciated.

Thanks, VinceIMG_3470.thumb.JPG.31f0e354ecaabf8814408798c268a966.JPG

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  • Administrator

Good morning.  Thanks for your message.  Yes, we can grade this type of note, although we would not automatically put any special designation on it.  You could request a pedigree for an additional $5.  Please note, however, that pedigrees are done at the graders' discretion and the final wording would be up to them. We could not really advise you on the value of the note as PMG does not buy sell or trade notes.  You could check with a currency dealer and they could appraise the note for you.  Thanks!

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