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Pick # Error

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I'm sure this is a simple error but frustrating for me since I had a lot of trouble on a previous submission for the exact same issue. I have a set of 2010 Sri Lanka notes, each issued in an individual folder. I removed them from the folder and correctly completed the Pick #___b (the b meaning issued in folder)  My first submission did not include the 1000 rupee note in error. So off go my notes for grading.  Several rounds of emails with PMG after sending pictures of the folders and articles regarding the numbering selection from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and speaking directly with one of your graders this was finally resolved.  My notes came back appropriately with the right Pick+b.   Except now I just found the 5000 Rupee has the wrong pick. See below. I recently submitted the previously missed 1000 rupee and I identified it correctly as Pick 127b.  Somebody at PMG changed the Pick to 127a and proceeded to grade it.  In hindsight, I realize it would have been less of a headache for me if I had just sent you the folder but I thought PMG would surely have information on this and I didn't want to have to pay for the return shipping on the folder that I wanted to keep. So here are my notes below. Please tell me how to proceed getting the last two corrected.

123b: 20 Rupees 8051742-017  Serial# 007437 (Good)

124b: 50 Rupees 8051742-018  Serial# 007271 (Good)

125b: 100 Rupees 8051742-019 Serial# 007735 (Good)

126b: 500 Rupees 8051742-020 Serial# 006720 (Good)

127a: 1000 Rupees 8055792-023 Serial# 006673  (should be 127b) (recent submission 8055792)

127b: 5000 Rupees 8051742-021 Serial# 006198  (should be 128b)


Thank you,


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  • Administrator

Good afternoon.  Please send the incorrect notes back to the attention of our Research Manager, Jay Recher.  Complete a new submission form but write "Mechanical Error" in bold letters at the top of the page and indicate what the issue is on the form.  Once it comes back, our research manager will correct that for you and there is no charge to you.  You can also include a copy of your shipping receipt and we can reimburse you for those return shipping charges.  If you have any other questions, you can reach our customer service department at 877-764-5570 or by email at service@pmgnotes.com.  Thank you!

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