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Please explain the best way to add a "Variety" designation request to the PMG Order Form. I have notes I am preparing to send in for grading and the only option I see is the check box for Variety. I don't see any option to notate what Variety comment I'd like added to my notes. An example would be a note awarded "2015 IBNS Banknote of the Year".  How can I add a comment like this when completing the order form?

Thank you

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Good morning,

Thank you for your message.  What you are referring to sounds like a pedigree.  A variety would be if you wanted to add a different catalog number that we do not normally list on the label.  A pedigree would be if you wants something special on the label like a special comment or the name of a collection, etc.  It would be an additional $5 per note and you can notate it in the variety/pedigree field on the submission form.  If you can't fit the whole thing there you can use additional spaces below it to write in what you want.  

If you have any other questions, you can reach our customer service department at 877-764-5570 or at Thank you.

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