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Ungraded Notes posted by Sheck_Shiek

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They continue to get away with it and the auction house does nothing. Here is a description from a seller that I bought an ungraded note from and it graded out NET 35....The listing is shown below as is a pic from the current listing. The photo has been so manipulated it is almost impossible to see but when you get it in the mail you will DEFINITELY see a horizontal fold. NO NOTE WITH A HORIZONTAL FOLD WILL GRADE ABOVE 35. NONE!!!! Yet, this 100% feedback seller that has glowing feedback from poor folks that never have their notes graded. The words below are a LIE. It is NOT "Almost Uncirculated" No "almost uncirculated" note has a horizontal fold that traverses the entire note. It is NOT even near "GEM" The sentence... "In our opinion, this is Gem Almost Uncirculated" is so misleading it is truly criminal. I am simply trying to educate my fellow collectors because this seller does this with every ungraded note he lists. Note, this is NOT the seller I recently posted about regarding the Lincoln Porthole. It goes to show how many of these crooks run a muck. Please follow the clues here, find out who this is and don't buy from him. The nerve of these crooks...."In our opinion..."


For auction is this spectacular 1882 Twenty Dollar Gold Certificate. This note features a vignette of slain President James A. Garfield on the obverse with the promise that this note was worth twenty dollars in gold coin!! This is the very rare Fr.1178 with the signature combination of Lyons and Roberts. In our opinion this note is Gem Almost Uncirculated. It is super crisp with no rips, tears or pinholes. It features razor sharp edges, perfect margins and amazing color with the brightest seal and incredible reverse we have ever seen. The "in gold coin repayable to the bearer on demand" slogan was very important at the time as people were worried about paper currency becoming worthless, so the government added the slogan to let them know the paper was backed up in gold value. This note is the nicest 1882 Gold Note we have ever offered!! So look at the scans, check our outstanding feedback and make this stunning Gold Certificate part of your currency portfolio!!



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Isn't there a rule on ebay that you can't list ungraded notes for $2500 or more? Or does that only apply for buy it nows?


At any rate, typical con at work, probably. Some do it with shill bidders, others with who knows what methods to try to palm off problems on others and it undermines the hobby.

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What is a "shill bidder"??


There must be a way for No Reserve auctions to be bid up if the seller is not satisfied. Maybe not but that is the cynical, conspiracy theorist in me after being burned a few times. Most of you can clearly see the horizontal fold in the first post although it is not obvious. I am sure it would be really obvious if you held it up the light. I have seen vertical, three fold bills that were in otherwise beautiful condition go at XF 45, but NEVER almost uncirculated. It's like if the bill has folds, someone folded the bill to put in their wallet...otherwise known as circulated. Duh.


Thanks Nutmeg, the sites you put up have photos that clearly show the bill so there is no ambiguity. The descriptions match the bill and the price matches the description. Thanks for posting links to honest dealers. The link you posted above is not to the actual note currently on sale but the same seller said again, "the finest 1178 we have ever offered"


One last point. The word "Gem" clearly means a grade of 65 or better. PMG 63 & PMG 64 is "Choice Uncirculated" no mention of "Gem." These sellers use the word "Gem" with "Almost Uncirculated" when describing their notes. That is a criminal false advertising. Poor collectors and buyers! Confusion fetches higher prices it seems. IT CAN'T BE GEM AND ALMOST UNCIRCULATED AT THE SAME TIME!!!

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You can always make offers to the major dealers that they may well accept if they have had the items in inventory for a long time.


I had a rarer 1882 $20 gold note the Fr.#1176 in a PMG VF25 net holder that one of the shill sellers was able to get into a PCGS VF35 holder after being "restored." I sold it for a little over $4K, he sold it for $18.5K! That's the game. Big shot seller, collectors who don't do their research or are afraid to get tough with the con artists.

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